Nanny Cameras

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Your parental instinct is rarely off, so if you are thinking of getting a nanny cam, think of it as an extra set of eyes. It’s a way of ensuring your family’s overall security.

This is a 360 degree wide angle camera that can be used to monitor activities in your home or even your businesses such as Mpesa shops, beauty parlors, office etc. The camera can light up as a normal bulb via an application on phone and not through the switch as per your normal conventional bulbs. It is also equipped with night vision so it’s perfect for cases of theft


  • Screw type bulb holder.
  • Connects to WiFi network and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.
  • Can also work WITHOUT WiFi
  • LED Bulb light can be remotely switched ON or OFF via the App
  • Supports both iPhone and Android phones
  • Has a Two way talk back feature
  • Has night vision capability.

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