Two Way SMS Solutions

Two way SMS

Build a solution that provides two-way communication service using short codes. Whether you are looking to share information with you users or collect feedback, two way SMS is a great way to enrich customer engagement.

Product Overview

Our Bulk SMS gateways ensure that you can reach your customers instantly with a quick and simple integration. This means that you can send relevant, targeted messages to a large group with only one simple click. Brand your messages with your company or service name by using a Sender ID. This is an alphanumeric code that gives your users confidence on the source of the message while at the same time promoting brand visibility.

Standard Rated short code

With this type of short code, an SMS is charged at the normal rate to send a message, but is free to receive a message for both senders and receivers

Toll Free short code

An end user interacts with this short code free of charge. The owner of this code bears the cost of all SMS that are sent and received on this code.

Application areas

Conduct a Survey

Using mobile as a delivery tool for surveys ensures a wider, more targeted reach to your customers who provide valuable feedback. Short codes provide a great platform to collect live customer insights without hustle.

SMS Marketing

Current and potential users can use short codes to enquire and get information about a new product or feature that you are advertising. This will help you forecast demand for you product or raise awareness

Customer Support

Giving your users multiple channels to get support enhances their experience. Using keywords and short codes, your users can reach out to you with questions and you can get back to them with the relevant help.

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