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Tech for Development Ltd

Tech For Development -T4D is an international tech consultancy and capacity building firm based in Nairobi Kenya. We work with individuals, SMEs, learning institutions, development agencies and governments.

Our core business is in design, development, implementation and management of software solutions such as mobile applications, mobile applications for data collection and web-based information systems. We also offer capacity building, research, domain registration and hosting services.

Our team consists of seasoned industry experts with vast experience and excellent work ethics.

We started young, bold and passionate and carry on the same spirit to date. Sometimes we beat deadlines, other times they beat us but every single time we produce work that make the entire process worthwhile. The one thing we don’t do is conform, we’re mavericks.

Our vision

To become the go-to destination for new, upcoming and existing tech innovations.

Our mission

To enable people achieve optimal productivity by leveraging new, upcoming and existing technologies.

Core values

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