eLearning Portal Development

About the Portal

The portal enables the implementation an eLearning platform. The proposed portal will feature the Moodle LMS, a WordPress user interface and will be hosted on a cloud based VPS.

Portal Features

  • Modern Robust LMS setup
  • User friendly website interface
  • Dynamic content development
  • Scalable cloud VPS hosting

Why Moodle

  • Free and open source
  • Highly scalable and can support as many learners as are needed
  • Stable, well documented and has a huge online community for support and learning
  • Content compatibility with other LMSes
  • Tried and tested over time and currently being used by almost every other institution of learning
  • User friendly and easy to use and learn

Why a WordPress Front-end?

A WordPress front-end for the portal is important since Moodle LMS user interface is not very user friendly. WordPress is also relatively easier to administer and manage interactions with site visitors. The other benefits of this setup include: Better SEO, better site management plus all the benefits that comes with CMSes.

The WordPress front-end will enable portal admin to:

  • Manage courses and users from either Moodle or WordPress
  • Seamlessly integrate Moodle LMS with WordPress CMS
  • Effortlessly offer or sell Moodle courses on WordPress
  • Integrate payment gateways if need be


The portal will be hosted on a cloud based VPS such as Linode, Digital Ocean or AWS.

Why go for a cloud based VPS?

  • Faster performance and speed
  • Easier to scale resources
  • Best for sites with scalable traffic
  • High availability and uptime
  • Flexible pricing

Supported Content Formats

The portal will support the following content formats ;

  • Text file
  • Images
  • Video file
  • Audio files
  • PDF
  • Word
  • PowerPoint
  • Assessments
  • Animations and others

Content Production

The portal will be compatible with most of the above content without the need of the content to undergo an extra level of processing.
In case there is need for advanced content production, a simple content production studio can be setup. The studio will enable the recording and editing of highly interactive courses. The content produced here can include:

  • Step by step tutorial-like course videos
  • Live Software demonstration screen casts
  • Course videos with watermarks, intros, outros, captions and other rich
  • Course previews and other course promotional or course introduction videos
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