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Bulk SMS

Add text messaging to your mobile or web application to effectively communicate with your users when you need to. Our Bulk SMS API gives you a reliable connection as you build a service that can send messages to many phone numbers instantly.

Product Overview

Our Bulk SMS gateways ensure that you can reach your customers instantly with a quick and simple integration. This means that you can send relevant, targeted messages to a large group with only one simple click. Brand your messages with your company or service name by using a Sender ID. This is an alphanumeric code that gives your users confidence on the source of the message while at the same time promoting brand visibility.


Only top up your account with what you want to use. There are no plans or minimum requirements.

Non - Expiry

Once purchased, your SMS messages remain valid until you send them out to your users.

Delivery Reports

Through the dashboard you can view delivery notifications for all SMS messages sent using our Bulk SMS solution.

Application areas

Notification Services

Add instant notifications to your applications to inform your clients when important events are generated. Sample scenarios include financial transactions, reminders or sharing updates with your users

Marketing & Promotions

Periodically send marketing messages about your products or services to the users or customers that are well structured to trigger certain actions which can in turn convert to sales .

Collecting Feedback

Businesses see Bulk SMS as the quickest way to start engaging with their customers. This data does provide businesses with an easy way to get started on mass text communication

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