Security and Surveillance Solutions

Security and Surveillance

Surveillance & Security Products

Security is one of the most essential needs for everyone. Our goal is to create freedom by making everyday life safer for you and your businesses.

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Video surveillance solutions can help reduce crime and provide valuable insight and documentation for businesses or any other institution. 


Our wide selection of devices include proximity card readers, biometric (fingerprint) scanners, and PIN code and iris scanners all for your safety.


A clocking system allows employees to log their working start, finish times and breaks through the use of a clocking terminal.

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Your parental instinct is rarely off, so if you are thinking of getting a nanny cam, think of it as an extra set of eyes. It’s a way of ensuring your family’s overall security.

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We’re dedicated to the idea that you deserve to feel safe in your home. Our advanced intrusion detection systems easy to setup allows you to do just that.

vehicle tracking system

Ever wondered what it’d be like to have access to your vehicle’s geographical location, condition, and fuel consumption at any time? Let our technology work for you!


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