Intruder Alarm Systems


Protect people and property with security you can rely on. From simple installations to extensive projects, we offer integrated security solutions based on the latest technology with robust support. Our easy-to-use alarm systems integrate seamlessly with video cameras, smoke alarms, home automation devices, and more. We offer customizable solutions to address the challenges you face every day.

When used independently, or as part of an integrated security solution, an intrusion alarm system’s function is to detect intruders and send notifications in the case of a security event.

Intrusion alarm systems can consist of many different devices including door contacts, glass break sensors, motion detectors, sirens, and strobes just to name a few. By utilizing an intrusion alarm system, a would-be intruder can be detected when attempting to enter a secured area, and an audible or visual alarm can be activated on site while simultaneously sending an alert to an alarm monitoring station, where it is handled by trained operators as predetermined by the customer.

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